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Support Staff

Accounting Associate

Julie Rauls is the Accounting Associate at Omni. Julie's main focus is accounts payable and accounts receivable. In addition, Julie is always willing to pitch in wherever needed to help Omni's office run smoothly and is key to ensuring customers are well taken care of.   

Kathy Dulaney
Project Coordinator

Kathy Dulaney is a Project Coordinator at Omni. Kathy's main role is to assist our project managers to ensure projects run efficiently and smoothly.  Kathy has over 25 years of project coordinator and administrative experience. 

Kati Clark
Purchasing/Warehouse Manager

Kati Clark is the Purchasing and Warehouse Manager at Omni. Kati is a key part in making sure materials are purchased on time so that customer deadlines can be achieved. Kati has over a decade of experience in purchasing, customer service and administrative experience.

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Administrative Assistant
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