Engineering & Estimating

Quotations & Engineering

Adam Shackelford is the Quotations and Engineering Specialist and has been with Omni since 2015. He holds a degree in Mechanical Design. Adam has worked in the electronics industry in a variety of areas including robotics, medical devices, and motorsport data acquisition. His role includes system design, CADD layout design, and field support.

CADD Technician

Clarel Algere works part-time as a CADD Technician for Omni while he finishes his degree at Madison College. Prior to joining Omni, Clarel worked as an architectural designer for residential and commercial buildings.

CADD Technician

David Dobrzynski is a full-time CADD Technician specializing in fire systems. He also assists with various aspects of engineering. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. While in school, he received an award for his 3D design work.